Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween BOO HOO

Ok, so I read Carrin's blog about her poor pitiful Halloween's as a youth. I can top it! I grew up in the country and we didn't trick or treat out in the sticks. I remember going trick or treating one time! ONE TIME, Carrin. And that was in sixth grade at the very end of my youth. I only remember one costume back in Kindergarten, it was Raggedy Ann. It had the toxic plastic mask that you couldn't breath when you wore it and not to mention the plastic shirt and pants, if you move wrong it would rip. So you will get no sympathy or tears from me!!!

A Creative Mind

Jace told me this morning he needs to get a really big pumpkin and clean it out so that he can put it over his head to be the headless horseman for Halloween. Um, I am thinking that would be gross and heavy. I think we will go buy one of those foam ones and use that instead.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovin' Laundry

I have decided that I like to do laundry. My dryer is now paying. And when I say "my dryer" I am not talking about Randy, I mean the appliance. I made a total of $8.00 on two loads of laundry. When I opened the dryer door out fell money. I'm thinking it's about time this happened. I can't wait to do more, maybe I will get a raise and be able to quit my job.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

College donations

Ok, Jace told me the other day that he has decided he wants to go to school to become a doctor, not any kind of doctor, but a surgeon. He also told me today that he would like to attend Columbia University. So I have decided to open up an account at our bank for donations to pay for his tuition. Any takers, or should I say GIVERS????

Friday, September 26, 2008

New to blogging

Well I figured since everyone else has a blog, I might as well have one too. I may not be as creative doing this as some. Heck, who knows if anyone will read this any way!!

Let's see what is new with me and my family......

Jace is busy doing football and soccer at the same time. His teacher just sent his grades home and it is all A's. Last night he was asking me how long he would have to go to school to become a doctor. I am considering opening a fund at the local bank if you would like to donate.

Garrison is in soccer just to socialize. I found out yesterday that he is TAG (talented and gifted) in school. Jace has been in this since kindergarten but I didn't know Garrison was in it. Garrison is doing really well in school. He is a good reader and doing good in math as well.

Not many of you know this, but like my short sister I too have went back to school. I am almost done with my first two classes. I am getting A's. I guess Mom was right, I could do it if I just applied myself.