Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strep....the gift that keeps on giving.

Ok, so this past weekend was our annual get together to our Christmas with the sisters and extended family.

Well as of now there are eight of us that have come down with strep throat. It's not like my sister had only one glass and fork for all 30 of us to share. But there was plenty of dip (I am sure there was double dipping going on) and passing of glasses with a new drink to try. Our family likes to share the love. I wonder what illness will be in store for next year. I am already preparing for next year. I have purchased gas mask and immune boosting drugs for my family. I may even get prescription's for antibiotic's ahead of time.


allie.skelton said...

eight? holy crap, who all got it? well they told me i was negative for strep and that i had a viral infection, i think that they are dumb and the viral infection i have is strep.

connies cozy corner said...

iam sorry you got sick while you were here but i WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU AND THE BOYS >... we miss you so much we really need to get together camping this summer